Dorm Decor: Ikea Edition

You know, I find it sort of funny that I started a blog about saving money as a college student when


I’m not in college yet.

But I will be in the fall! That counts right? Okay good.

Anyways, on to my post. Who loves Ikea?!

Ikea is a great source for finding budget friendly furniture and home products that are surprisingly tasteful and well made. I combed through their products to find my top ten picks for living in a dorm room that will definitely be making my shopping list. I mean, tv stand for only $20?!

Untitled drawing-004

Would you believe me if I told you that you could get




in the picture for not $300 not $200 or even $150, but $104. That’s right. Add it up if you don’t believe me. Well it’s technically $103.21, but still.

A. VÄGGIS – $5.99  This bulletin board is so versatile; it can be used to organize homework and classes or even as a decorative inspiration board. I think it would look super chic if it was painted a bold chevron pattern like this. I would recommend buying craft paint at Michael’s, they usually have 40% off coupons if you check their website!

B. GODTA- $2.99 I love the pattern of this coffee mug and that it is see through. This would obviously make a great mug to sip your morning coffee from, but it might also make a great pencil cup!

C. PLASTIS- $0.99 Okay, for a dollar how can you resist these! If you’re like me, you carry around a reusable water bottle constantly. I usually just fill mine half up and freeze it but that probably won’t go over well in my tiny mini freezer that I’ll have in my dorm. I also like to start my morning with a smoothie, so these will definitely come in handy.

D. KORKEN- $2.99 I can think of a million uses for this little jar. The airtight seal is a plus, I’ll be using it to keep my home made granola fresh. If you’re into overnight oats or parfaits, this would be a great container as well!

E. LAIVA-$20.00 I love the espresso looking finish on this tv stand, totally looks like it costs more than $20! The bottom shelf is also a bonus; there are plenty of ways you can use it to maximize your storage.

F. CRASSULA- $7.99 Pretty funny that this is called a “money tree,” right? I think plants are often overlooked when thinking of dorm room decor, but this cute little plant would provide a nice homey touch in a windowsill or on a desk.

G. BONUS- $3.29 This 16 piece flatware set is a MUCH better deal than buying plastic utensils, and better for the environment!

H. RÅSKOG- $49.99 The price of this item isn’t exactly a steal compared to my other picks, but I can’t get over how much I love this cart. Google around the web and you’ll find a ton of different ways to utilize it. It can be easily rolled around as needed and will provide ample storage space for food, school supplies, and etc.

I. NYTTJA- $2.99 for a 2 pack Being away from home, it’s nice to have a little reminder of family and friends. These frames have a great price tag and can easily displayed on a desk, or for more impact as a collage.

J. LUSTIFIK- $5.99 This shoe rack isn’t really the most attractive looking piece of furniture, although I think it would really help maximize the storage space in a tiny dorm closet.

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