Whatever you call it, Target is my fave. Why? Although it might seem a little unbelievable, Target is the place I save the most money at. I’m going to show you how I get my Target runs in without breaking the bank.

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I’ve put together a list of eight tips that will save you money at Target. Keep in mind that you do not, by any means have to use all of these methods because that can get really time consuming and confusing. Pick one or two easy ones to start with and build on from there. Number one on my list would be a great place to start, as it is essentially effortless and will generate savings on pretty much everything. Let’s start, shall we?

1. Target RedCard. For those of us who have no credit and are unable to get a credit card (me), Target has this handy little thing called a Target Debit Card. You can find the application here, it’s really simple to fill out! The debit card basically links to your actual bank account and you get all the perks of the RedCard.

How it saves you money:

  • 5% off EVERYDAY
  • free shipping on target.com (especially handy for snagging clearance shoes!)
  • extended return policy

2. Target Coupons. Not to be confused with a manufacturer’s coupon (the ones in the Sunday paper or online), Target coupons are coupons that are found on the Target website.

Target Daily Deal Image

How it saves you money:

  • the Target coupons can be stacked regular coupons for twice the savings
  • Target regularly puts out coupons for their already cheap store brands like Market Pantry, up&up, and Archer Farms. This saves you more than you would buying generic products at Walmart and etc.
  • clothes and shoe coupons! the clothes coupons save me a ton of money, usually they are in the $5 range

3. Weekly Ad + Gift Card Deals. Each week Target puts out a new weekly ad chock full of extra savings and offers. The weekly ad can be viewed online or in print, sometimes the print ads even include bonus coupons!

How it saves you money:

  • Shopping by the weekly ad is one of the easiest, most basic ways to save money. I use ads to plan what I’m going to eat that week and what I need to stock up on. I recommend visiting Totally Target, as she posts ALL the Target deals along with coupon match-ups. Having all the coupons and deals in one place saves me so much time and makes it easier to plan a shopping list.
  • Gift Card Deals are regularly featured as a part of the weekly sales. For example, I just bought contact solution that was on sale for $12.99. I had a $2 off manufacturer’s coupon and a $1 off Target coupon.  To make the deal even sweeter, I received a FREE $5 Target Gift Card for purchasing. That makes the twin pack of contact solution only $4.99, or a savings of over 60%.

4. Target App + Mobile Alerts. The Target app is a great place to access the weekly ad, store availability, store locations, pharmacy, and more. The app is free and is available for Google Play and in the App Store. You can also text OFFFERS to 827438 (Target) to receive Target coupons delivered straight to your phone a few times a month. You redeem these coupons by having the cashier scan the barcode on your phone. It is really handy to have the coupons delivered to your phone as a reminder, but you can also access mobile coupons within the Target App.


How it saves you money:

  • The Target Mobile coupons are usually different than the ones offered on Target.com. A few of the recent mobile coupons included $1 off any vegetable purchase, $1 off any fruit purchase, and $1 off meat!

5. ShopKick. ShopKick is a free app that rewards you for shopping in a ton different stores, Target included! You can use your “kicks” to save up for rewards and prizes. You get “kicks” simply by walking into a store, pretty great if your going there anyway right? Find more info here.

note: the link above is a referral link. if you want to learn more about ShopKick, simply go to ShopKick.com or search for it in your app store.

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How it saves you money:

  • I save up my kicks for free Target Gift Cards that I can use towards my bill.
  • You can link your debit card to the app to gain extra kicks.
  • Each store features “look books” that include even more Target mobile coupons.
  • Sometimes the app does promotions where you get free gift cards. I’ve received 2 $2 Target Gift Cards completely free, just for having the app.

6. Clearance. One of my favorite things about Target is their clearance items! Each week Target marks down varying items from 30-90% off. Each week the item that is clearanced will be reduced by another percentage (15, 30, 50, and 70%). As a tip, if there are a lot of the same item on clearance you can save even more by checking back the next week when the item is further discounted. These items can be anything in the store: shoes, clothes, beauty, food, home, and etc. If you spot a little red sticker on an item, you can be sure it is on clearance!

How it saves you money:

  • You can also use a coupon on clearance items to score an even better deal, I recently snagged three pairs of shoes for $0.08 (!!!!) by stacking a coupon with a clearance. Also watch for their holiday clearances. Last year after Christmas I was able to score clothing and seasonal items at 90% off,  including flannel sleep shorts for $0.99 that were originally $10 each!

7. Daily Deals. Each day, Target features a selection of items on discount for that day only with free shipping!

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.31.12 AM

  • You can save a ton of money just by purchasing a featured deal, provided you actually need the item of course! When doing my summer shopping, I was on the lookout for a few new sundresses. I spotted a Daily Deal for them at only $10 a piece, originally $25 each! I was able to save over 50% on something I was planning on buying anyway, shipped free to my door.

So as you can see, there are a ton of ways to save at Target! Do you have any tips on how you save at Target?

Update: After posting, I remembered yet another great way to save at Target that is pretty new. Read on for savings tip #8.


8. Cartwheel. Cartwheel is the newest way to save at Target. In order to get Cartwheel, you have to download the app and it will then link to your Facebook account. The way it works is you browse offers and add them to your “cart.” At checkout, you open the app and let the cashier scan the barcode just like a mobile coupon. You can only redeem up to 6 of these offers each day but the great thing is, you can come back another day and use the same offer again and again until it expires.


How it saves you money:

  • The Cartwheel offers can be stacked with both a Target Coupon AND a manufacturer coupon.
  • As you can see above, Cartwheel includes offers for things that normally wouldn’t have coupons for like fresh fruit and vegetables.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I stumbled on this blog via Pinterest and it is honestly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m in high school (actually, my first day of freshman year was today), but this is SUPER helpful because I don’t have a job (besides occasional babysitting). Anyway, thanks so much for posting! I would love to see more beauty stuff!

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