Healthy Dorm Snack Ideas – No Fridge Required

You know,

I really don’t know how I’m going to survive in my dorm without a toaster.

Can’t toast bagels in the microwave you know. I mean, I’m sure the cafeteria has bagels and a toaster but still.

Not the same.


While I was mourning the sad reality of my toaster-less cubicle of a dorm in the fall, I decided to put my mind towards something more important.

Like snacks. Healthy snacks! Well mostly healthy. You’ll notice that I didn’t include things like bananas, apples, oranges, and etc. in the list (aka the healthiest options) and that is because I figure those are already pretty obvious snack choices. The goal here is to give you a few ideas to spice up your snackin’ life. And while they may not be as healthy as a piece of fruit, I did make a point to choose the healthiest prepackaged snacks I could find because they’re convenient and don’t take up any of that precious mini fridge. When choosing a prepackaged snack, make sure to pay attention to the ingredients list, sugar content, and additives.

Untitled drawing-7



1. Simply Balanced Almond Cinnamon Apple Nut & Fruit Clusters (Target) : 140 calories

I love the Simply Balanced line at Target. I probably could have made a list using only Simply Balanced products! I know I’ll be stashing a bag of these in my backpack.

2. Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Fruit Snacks in Berry Patch: 70 calories

Aren’t bunny fruit snacks so much better than fruit shaped fruit snacks? Uh, yes. Bonus points for being organic.

3. Kashi Soft Baked Cookies- Chocolate Almond Butter: 130 calories

I love that the first ingredients in these cookies are whole grains. Although that doesn’t technically negate the sugar and chocolate, it makes the cookies seem a little less guilt free. I think these would be even better popped in the microwave for about 10 seconds to get the chocolate a little melty! Or maybe as a frozen yogurt sandwich.

Okay I’ll stop now.

4. Ocean Spray Craisins: 130 calories 

I like to eat craisins on their own and mix them into my granola. Keep in mind that dried fruit is more nutritionally dense, so watch the serving size. Go here to read more about the extra benefits of eating dried fruits.

5. Boom Chicka Pop Lightly Sweet Popcorn: 120 calories (for 3 1/4 cups!)

I admit that I sort of picked this popcorn because I love the packaging. But it is also very yummy! This popcorn touts a pretty amazing list of benefits including: vegan, no high fructose corn syrup, gluten free, and non GMO.

6. Jack Link’s Premium Cuts Turkey Jerky, Original: 80 calories

Jerky isn’t typically my first choice for a snack, but I think I might make it one! This provides a protein boost that would be great for a workout snack.

7. Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks: 130 calories

Graham crackers are one of my favorite snacks, and these little sticks are much more convenient than the full crackers. These would make a good snack mix if combined with mini marshmallows and semi sweet chocolate chips.

8. Simply Balanced High Protein Cinnamon Crisp Cereal (Target): 180 calories

This cereal is a good choice because it is high protein. Sometimes high protein products cost a little more than their normal counterparts (think greek yogurt, pasta), but keep in mind what you are getting for your money. The protein keeps you fuller longer and makes the extra dollar or so worth it. I like to use cereal as my granola because it is typically cheaper and has less calories.

9. Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Chipotle Cheddar: 110 calories

These pretzel crisps are so addicting. One of my favorite snacks to eat this pretzel crisps is with hummus and baby carrots. They do have a little kick to them, but I think the hummus helps tone it down.

10. Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix (Target) : 190 calories

I just love the combination of chocolate and coffee flavors, and this trail mix is no exception. Again, watch the serving size of this snack. Trail mix is typically higher in calories because of the nuts so while it is a good snack, enjoy in moderation.


I hope this list helps give you a few new ideas to add to your favorites! Make sure to watch the portion sizes on snacks rather than just snacking out of the bag. If the serving size alone doesn’t satisfy your hunger, try pairing it with a piece of fruit, cut up veggies, or string cheese.

tip: When selecting a prepackaged food, it can be hard to tell how healthy they actually are. I highly recommend downloading the Fooducate app (free) because you can simply scan a product and it will rate its healthiness on a scale of A-F. I used this app to help me select my choices for this list. 

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